STIMA brings electric motorcycles to Kenya in new partnership with India’s OneElectric

STIMA, a battery swapping technology company has partnered OneElectric, an Indian manufacturer of electric motorcycles to supply more than 3,000 electric motorcycles in Kenya before expanding to other markets in Africa. An initial supply of 30 motorcycles is to be deployed across the Kenyan market in a few weeks, the firms said in a statement.

Through the partnership, STIMA and OneElectric expect to accelerate the uptake of electric motorcycles across the continent.  STIMA, a French-Kenyan company brings on board its instant recharge technology which will be crucial in powering motorcycles in the African market.

India’s OneElectric has been in operation since 2019 and hopes to bring the supply at large scale its high-performing and premium electric motorcycles to the continent. The startup targets to introduce motorcycles that can run 300km on a single charge and operate efficiently in Africa’s tough terrain.

Jason Gras, Co-Founder and CEO of STIMA, says: “The partnership with OneElectric takes advantage of their high-quality and very strong electric motorcycles and enables STIMA to bring its battery swapping technology and innovative software services to the Kenyan market on a national scale.

Gaurav Uppal, CEO of OneElectric said that they have been evaluating the Kenyan ecosystem over the last year and they are “able to produce a motorcycle which can meet Africa’s demand.”

“Heavy duty chassis, long-lasting and durable suspension, metal body, high power motor and long life battery packs are well suited for delivering a long life for these bikes,” Uppal said.

Kenya has become a hotbed of startups producing electric mobility solutions for the African market. With several startups eyeing the wide market that carries huge potential, consumers will be spoilt for choice. The African buyer, however, will be more interested in heavy-duty motorcycles that are sturdy, resilient and can run the longest distance on a single charge.

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