STIMA, India’s OneElectric To Deploy 3,000 EV Bikes In Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya August 26 — Battery swapping technology specialist STIMA has announced plans to deploy 3,000 rechargeable electric motorcycles in Kenya.

The firm has partnered with Indian electric motorcycle manufacturer OneElectric to build the bikes in the first phase. Thereafter, the joint venture will expand to other African countries.

The partnership combines OneElectric’s high-performing and premium electric motorcycles with STIMA’s instant recharge infrastructure that can be deployed at a large scale.

“The partnership with OneElectric takes advantage of their high-quality and very strong electric motorcycles and enables STIMA to bring its battery swapping technology and innovative software services to the Kenyan market on a national scale,” STIMA co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jason Gras said.

Through the partnership, the companies can jointly deploy the most scalable model of electric 2-wheeler mobility tailored to African markets, which are defined by a high price sensitivity, and intensive usage of up to 300 km per day, among others, reducing running costs.

“After working in the African market for more than a year, testing products with STIMA in Nairobi, and evaluating the local conditions and riding habits, we were able to produce a motorcycle which can meet Africa’s demand. Heavy duty chassis, long-lasting and durable suspension, metal body, high power motor, and long life battery packs are well suited for delivering a long life for these bikes,” One Electric CEO Gaurav Uppal said.

STIMA chief technology officer (CTO) Emile Fulcheri adds: “The need for energy infrastructure investment for electric mobility in Africa is in the range of billions. We are building the required tailored technologies and business models that will ensure these investments are profitable and the most scalable.”

Already, OneElectric has supplied an initial 30 electric motorcycles that will be deployed in the Kenyan market in the coming weeks.

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